2021 JUNE

The year of 2021 in Lithuania was announced as the year of the Tatar culture and history. For this reason with the help of other CHEST partners we collected some information about the history of this nation. Bites AEC community went on a tour of Vilnius searching for the multicultural traces of the city. In September the CHEST project meeting is supposed to be held in Lithuania, thus we plan to introduce our participants to the Tatar community traditions in Trakai. For now you can find some information in the articles and see the pictures of the tour of multicultural Vilnius with Bites AEC community.


Dear participants of the CHEST project!

Królowa polskich kolęd „Bóg się rodzi”

Pieśń o Narodzeniu Pańskim”, utwór Franciszka Karpińskiego, popularnie znany jako kolęda “Bóg się rodzi”, nazywana jest często królową polskich kolęd. Mało kto wie, że tekst pieśni powstał w Dubiecku nad Sanem. Tekst powstał na zamówienie księżnej marszałkowej Izabeli z Czartoryskich Lubomirskiej (1736-1816). Kolęda, wraz z innymi utworami składającymi się na Pieśni nabożne, zabrzmiała po raz pierwszy w 1792 r. w Starym Kościele Farnym w Białymstoku.

Księżna Izabela z Czartoryskich Lubomirskiej była osobą niezwykle aktywną, przyjmowaną na najsławniejszych dworach Europy. Działała w polityce krajowej i międzynarodowej. Troszczyła się o swoich poddanych, ale również była mecenasem artystów, malarzy, muzyków, poetów. Podczas podróży zawsze odwiedzała teatr, operę, słuchała koncertów, kupowała i zamawiała wartościowe dzieła sztuki. Posiadała olbrzymią kolekcję zbiorów muzycznych na zamku w Łańcucie, w skład której wchodziło ok. 400 oper. Sama grała na klawikordzie w zespole kameralnym. Jej smak i wyczucie dostrzeżono już za życia, swoje wiersze poświęcał jej na przykład Adam Naruszewicz, autor Bukietu na imieniny księżniczki Elżbiety Lubomirskiej, marszałkówny koronnej (1768).



BITE AEC project dissemination project


Traditional dances of CHEST partner countries

2020 JUNE


Rehearsal for the performance of the Orthodox wedding, fragment from “Preparing the bride to go to the church …”

SYMPHONY of STRUGGLE (by Hakki Bilgen)

There was a huge and hoary area covered with lofty and snowcapped mountains, bleak and delightful plains, verdant and lonely meadows, divided by somber and gliterring rivers, royal and rutted pave roads, furthest and unfortified borders, and surrounded by divine and European seas.

In a far city behind borders of that area, a man was watching the Bosphorus with satisfaction because he thoroughly carried out all the orders. When tasting a vodka in a seaside tavern, his hand found a pen in pocket of his redingote diffusing its splendour, grabbed a paper from deerskin twany messenger bag, and wrote.

Through my hands

Like the nets drawn from the sea,

Life gets on me.

With all her surprises like a game of hide and seek

With her traps

Out of the great seas

Life gets on me.

Meaningless words,

Chest of lost inquiries

Says nothing if not openned.


Getting on me with her nets

Like fictional homes

Like pretending words.


What left in sea

As hands pull your nets

Think the caught, the lost

Or the unfinished in nets

What collected in your hands.

Summary of the extinct sea

Life, as you perceive,

Declines and disappears like a game of sun and moon….

Read more in file Symphony…..SymphonyOfStruggle_20200622Download

Polish group dissemination of CHEST on UTA website.



Versailles Podlasie Branicki Palace June 11, 2020 (Wersal Podlaski – Pałac Branickich 11 czerwca 2020)

Midsummer Night Magic June 11, 2020 (Magia Nocy Świętojańskiej  11 czerwca 2020)

Sights, magical places of Bialystok and related to them interesting facts 10 June 2020 (Zabytki, magiczne miejsca Białegostoku i związane z nimi ciekawostki  10 czerwca 2020)

Białowieża National Park  June 8, 2020 (Białowieski Park Narodowy  8 czerwca 2020)

2020 MAY

Gorbacz Nature Reserve on May 27, 2020 (Rezerwat przyrody „Gorbacz”  27 maja 2020)

List of films from the activities of the CHEST UTW Białystok project posted on the channel YoyTube Projekt CHEST and UTW website www.utw.uwb.edu.pl as of May 19, 2020

Biebrza National Park  – Online seminar

Drowning madder – Online seminar

Portuguese translation of the CHEST project poem.

Polish participant of the CHEST project – Krystyna Szewczyk wrote a poem about project. Everyone is welcome to compose music for the song. Please, contact the project coordinator Danuta Sajur when you come up with any ideas.

THE   CHEST  of  VALUE                                 

Written  by  Krystyna SZEWCZYK (Translated into English by Helena  ŁUKASZEWICZ)

   1. In  CHEST  as in the  Arch of  Covenant
       We make  our  heritage,
       We protect the national nature
       Of Poland, Lithuania, Turkey and Portugal.

  Refrain: Cultural heritage  is timeless,
                 Natural heritage is  national.
                 The  CHEST project points to the participants
                 What  greatest treasure our nature is.

   2. We are looking for common values
       In the rituals of the Great Religions.
       All richness of rituals
       Will be shown in a wedding traditions.


     3. Sleigh rides, carnivals, balls of the carnival,
         Folk customs, songs.
         At CHEST beauty is extremely attractive
         Full of joy, colour and grace


      4. Native nature of Podlasie
          Captivates with ancient  forests.
          The wealth of rivers, lakes, backwaters
          Allows everyone  breathe  freely.


        5. The House of the Virgin Mother in Ephesus
            Is famous by the brotherhood of nations.
            From Chęstochowa, Vilnius and Fatima
            The Cult of Mother is spread  everywhere.


Radziłowskie 2020 Shafts

Third Away seminar of the CHEST project to Radziłów 25022020

Presentation. Carnival – Shrovetides, study site UTW in MP4 format.

A tour to the Vilnius Teachers House to collect information about Lithuanian wedding traditions in the mood of Shrove Tuesday (pancake day).

III Seminar of the CHEST project February 20, 2020

A tour to the Vilnius Teachers House to collect information about Lithuanian wedding traditions in the mood of Shrove Tuesday (pancake day).


During the CHEST project meeting in Bialystok in October 2019 participants realised that our countries have a lot in common. One of those things is the Jewish cultural heritage. 75 years ago, on January 27, prisoners from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp were released, and since 2005 this day has been declared International Holocaust Remembrance Day, moreover, the year 2020 has been declared the year of Vilnius Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish history, so Bites AEC community took part in the educational tour of the Tolerance Center and got acquainted with the history of Jews. The tour took place on January 27, 2020.

At the beginning of the tour, the museum guide briefly told about Jewish life both in Europe and Lithuania and introduced the existing expositions. One of them – “A Saved Lithuanian Jewish Child Tells About the Shoah” – introduces the Holocaust through the live stories of people who have survived and experienced this terrible tragedy. The exposition contains authentic memories of Holocaust witnesses, miraculously preserved family photographs, archival photographs, and video interviews. The stands feature the stories of 48 surviving children, with 20 stands dedicated to Jewish rescuers.

The students also visited the recently opened Samuel Bak Museum, which exhibits dozens of paintings donated by the artist to Lithuania. The guide spoke about the characters and symbolism of the Jewish language in the paintings of Samuel Bak. Participants learned that the artist created his most valuable first drawings in the Vilnius ghetto in 1942-1943, drawing on blank pages of a book of the ancient Vilnius Jewish community.

The participants of the tour also visited the exhibition of Brazilian modernist originated from Vilnius Lasvar Segallo (1889-1957): “The Return of Lasario Segallo”, which exhibits paintings, watercolors, graphics and sculptures brought from the museum in São Paulo.

Later, the screening of director Amichai Greenberg’s film “Testament” about Holocaust researcher Yoel took place in the hall of the Tolerance Center.

An educational tour of the Center for Tolerance became a true history lesson, during which participants were more than once moved by the stories of Holocaust survivors.

As a result of the tour students were given a task to find out Jewish history in CHEST partner countries. The feedback of the task results will be presented for CHEST partners in later months.


“Sleigh ride in Supraśl” 18012020

 “We visit Supraśl”- the second away seminar on January 18, 2020

  The sleigh rushes … Presentation during the seminar on January 16, 2020


“Invitation to Podlasie” design song, words and performanceZofia Pytel – King, music by Zdzisław Kulikowski for the melody “A bonfire burns and buzz …”

Visiting the reeds exhibition and IZO in Mońki 16.12.2019

I travel seminar of the CHEST project (Knyszyn, Mońki)

Sightseeing of Bialystok 12X2019

Information about the project on Bites AEC web page



A tour to an exibition: Radvilas. The history and heritage of the dukes. The goal was to trace common heritage of the Radvilas family in Lithuania and Poland.


CHEST project, performance of the group “Podlaskie Korale” UTW Białystok, 11X2019 Zenit Club part. 1

1st day of the coordinators’ meeting in Bialystok 10102019

Portugal & Turkey – preliminary programs for international meetings

CHEST information on Bites AEC FB page

Video material from Bialystok